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What’s In Frankfurt is a free online guide to Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

Frankfurt has several distinct areas, such as:

City – Innenstadt : Includes the Finance District, a mile long street of shops , many of Frankfurt’s hotels, weekly farmer’s markets , a dedicated fine food market hall, plus all the usual attractions of an international European city.

Old Town – Altstadt : Medieval mixed with Modern Buildings, including the old town, art galleries and town halls. Walk amongst the tourists and locals alike, or enjoy the view by the River Main .

Nord-End : Frankfurt’s North Side, grand architecture, modern living, boutiques and antiques.

Sachsenhausen : Frankfurt’s south side, almost a different city in its own right, home to Museums, Apple Wine culture and German Cuisine. Also accessible by tram is Frankfurt’s City Forest .

Bornheim - To aptly and punctually describe Bornheim and Berger Strasse which is its artery, literary contrasts will suffice; between the yuppy upmarket gentrified Merian Platz and the slow death of the Old Bornheim at the far northern end of Berger Strasse , is the bohemian lifestyle in between. As expected, there are bars, restaurants, cafes and hotel suited to lifestyle choices.

Bockenheim has its own local style, thanks to local and international students studying in Frankfurt, the multicultural influence on Leipziger Strasse , new developments going up around the University, and then there is the international jet-setting crowd. Also, there are no shortages of bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Bahnhofsviertel : Exploring Europe by train from Frankfurt’s Central Train Station , or exploring the ‘colourful’ side of town: Frankfurt’s Red Light district ? Ideal if you're just spending a few hours in Frankfurt for a layover or stop over, not far away is the world famous giant Euro statue .

East Harbour (Osthafen): An up and coming old infrastructure area, now home to the new European Central Bank Headquarters .

If you’re staying overnight or for a whole week, What’s in Frankfurt offers tips on what to see relative to where you’re staying and what you’re interested in.

If you live in Frankfurt, or a staying for an extended period of time, What’s in Frankfurt is a handy guide for exploring the diverse neighbourhoods that make up Frankfurt.

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So What's In Frankfurt?

Frankfurt am Main is a compact yet internationally connected city, thanks to:

Frankfurt am Main is a compact yet internationally connected city, thanks to:

1. Frankfurt being the finance capital of Germany, and therefore a financial hub of Europe, the financial district spanning Asia, Russia, Europe and the Americas. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange accounts for a majority of the German stock market trades.

2. Each day thousands of people fly to Frankfurt . Frankfurt International Airport is one of the busiest in the world, a travel hub connecting all the world’s populated continents and of course the whole of Europe, and,

3. The Frankfurt Messe - Or Frankfurt Fair . Many Trade Fairs are held in Frankfurt, including the world famous Book Fair.

4. Frankfurt has a bubbling local population, and is probably the most international city in Germany.

Visiting Frankfurt?

Many people visit Frankfurt on their way to explore Germany and Europe, or because they are visiting the Frankfurt Fair (Messe) or come for business.

There are many things to do , and because Frankfurt is a small city with a population of round 700.000 people , it is easy to get around on public transport, including buses, trams, underground trains (U-bahns (equivalent of a London Tube)), overland trains (S-bahns), inter-regional trains, and of course the Intercontinental Express (ICE) that reaches speeds up to 300km/h.

Wether you’re staying overnight in Frankfurt, visiting for business, pleasure or for family, there’s many things to do in Frankfurt.

We’re here to help you find your way around.