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What’s in Frankfurt is a practical and functional website for visitors and residents to explore Frankfurt online, be it before they travel to Europe, or as they’re shopping in Frankfurt using a tablet or smart phone, in real time, to find out what’s in their vicinity.

What’s in Frankfurt uses original and concise content written in plain English to inform users of what attractions and shopping areas are in Frankfurt, plus where, and how to get there.

There are many visitors to Frankfurt, most people inform themselves before they travel.

People travel through Frankfurt’s International Airport, the Hauptbahnhof, and via other means, on their way to explore other parts of Europe, e.g. package tours, backpackers, river cruises.

The Frankfurt Trade Fair also brings in a massive amount of visitors from around the world, bringing a brisk trade to hotels, bars, restaurants and shops in Frankfurt .

There are also thousands of professionals, including jet-setters, who live and work in Frankfurt, be it in finance, engineering, marketing, public relations, and government. The European Central Bank is an excellent indicator of just how important Frankfurt has become in the world of global finance and banking.

There are also numerous corporations in Frankfurt, often the main European offices of multinational firms, that are actively gaining market share in Europe, Middle East (EMEA) and Russia.

Frankfurt is an international city, and English is the international language – What’s in has a simple goal: Offer practical tips on what is in Frankfurt and keep our users updated with events and new attractions.

If you’re interested in advertising to users, whether they’re in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe or around the world, then get in contact with us .

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What’s in can offer a detailed and analytical overview of user profiles and methods on how to advertise to them. We look forward to hearing from you.