About What's in Frankfurt.com

What’s in Frankfurt is a practical web-based guide for visitors and residents to explore the areas and attractions in and around Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Frankfurt is a transit hub for tourists coming and leaving Europe, and home to many different nationalities from around the world.

Whatsinfrankfurt.com was set up by Simon Drake and Kirill Bauer, two long-term residents of Frankfurt, to bridge the information gap between generic general online information about Frankfurt, and the numerous user-generated reviews of restaurants and shops in Frankfurt.

As Frankfurt is an international city, What’s in Frankfurt is written in English, not just to aid the British, American and Canadians that live in Frankfurt, but also for international tourists and visitors that speak English as a second, third, fourth, even fifth language.

Whatsinfrankfurt.com is designed to be easily read on multiple platforms (laptops, tablets, smart phones etc) and is open to contributors, e.g. freelance writers in Frankfurt, and semi-professional photographers.

What's in Frankfurt also has two partner websites:

What's in Frankfurt.de - whatsinfrankfurt.de - a smaller version of this website.

Flights to Frankfurt - flightstofrankfurt.de - information about flying to Frankfurt, including price comparisons.

If you would like to add a location or contribute to What’s in Frankfurt, then feel free to get in contact with us .